I am sure you hear this a lot, but please relay to David our appreciation of his incredible teaching abilities and mannerisms. Nixon is enjoying his lessons SO much, and already cannot wait for the next one.

Have a fabulous day!
–K. Mah
Thank you guys for taking Phil last night. He was so sad after he got cut from Quadrant. He was feeling so much better after seeing David. It was more like a counselling session than a goalie lesson. But much appreciated. You both have such great care attention for your players. That is why we coming back!
–T. McKay
Hi Isabelle
I wish to express to you and David how great these Monday sessions are and for David to come out for just 2 goalies on a make-up session absolutely floored Garyn and I. In my opinion, it is truly a testament how DMSG cares in the development of young goalies regardless of their team level! It is a life-long experience of enjoyment we wish for all our kids to have in this sport and ESPECIALLY the hardest position of all...........GOALTENDING!
Thank you again
Hi Isabelle

Just wanted to write and let you know that Zac came over on Saturday morning and my boy had an EXCELLENT session with him. We have seen numerous goalie coaches over the past few years and Zac is one of the best! They had lots of energy out on the ice and great chemistry together.

G's team went on to play the team that won Esso minor hockey week later that afternoon and Grady’s team won 1-0 with G having a shutout and the fans roaring. I could see some of that intensity that Zac brought to the practice at the game. Just thought I’d let you know how happy we were with him.

Thanks !
Hi Coach David,

Finally, after all the waiting, Noah has just received a personal phone call from his Coach to say that he has made the PeeWee Division 1. It was a tough battle against second year goalies to earn his spot. This will be my son's first year in PeeWee. He will definitely have his work cut out for him during the season.

We are so grateful to have you as a part of his ongoing goalie development and training. Noah has a comfort level with you that he has not found in any other goalie coach. He respects you, and works hard for you to improve every session when he is on the ice. He feels proud of himself, particularly when he makes you proud.

I want to thank you personally for everything you have done for my boy. Certainly the training and knowledge that you have taught and shared with him over the last few years has played a major role in his successes to date. I do not believe he would be where he is today without you. You have instilled confidence, perseverance, and work ethic in Noah. You have made him a better goalie and a better person overall.

He looks forward to attending camps with you next summer, and we are hoping to set up some times for on ice sessions with the DMSG trainers. I will be in touch with Isabelle once we have a solid schedule for his team.

Thanks again for everything you do. Best of luck in your season. We will see you at the Flames game when Carolina comes to town.

Warm regards,
Hi Isabelle,
My son and I, wanted to share our exciting news that he made Atom3 Div 4 for this season. Given that he was in Atom8 last year, we feel that his significant improvement is a direct result of the guidance and training that he got over this past spring and summer with Coach David Marcoux and Coach Zac. Please extend our sincere thanks to them and to you. Ishan ended up in the top 5-goalies in this year's batch of 16 goalies trying out for Atom. We are so proud of Ishan and see the value of the DMSG program.

We look forward to calling you for more goalie training!

Wanted to say good luck this year with the Hurricanes. I know you are in full swing. Logan did well in evaluations again this year, we attribute that you and your team of course. He is small but not that small haha

When you come to town in February you will have to let us know if your morning skate is open and I can bring the boys down to watch.

Once again thanks for all you do for all the up and coming and “already there” goalies
Just wanted to send you an update about are tryouts...
There were 4 very talented goalies that came out and 44 or so kids total.
Ty was feeling very unsure after the 1st night of tryouts- and we had a discussion about things we can control (our try and attitude)- and what Dave would expect from him. (Unless it's your best effort... it's simply not good enough).
Night 2 and the game today- he was a Rockstar. When he was giving me his debriefing - he mentioned that taking a mental snap shot during the play had saved numerous goals for him. He felt relaxed and ready.
Who knows what the results will be this evening, but Ty went out and gave it his all and looked confident and composed this entire week.
Thank you Dave and Isabelle for taking him under your wing and reinforcing that work ethic in him.
I will let you know the results and where we will be playing this year.

Merci, Merci... Merci!!!
We (including Noah) would like to thank David, yourself and the great support coaching he has surrounded himself with during this week. Noah was nervous going into this camp as he hasn't experienced anything like this before in his short career of goaltending. I can say with confidence that this was an experience he will talk about for quite sometime.

Looking forward to next years camp as well as working with the people associated with DMSG throughout the hockey season.
Thank you Isabelle, my son has absolutely loved his private goalie sessions with David and feels very fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from him. Freddie appreciates how David takes the time to explain and teach everything in so much detail. David is definitely a very knowledgable and thorough person!!!!
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